About me


I am Paul Klinkenberg, a web and application developer from The Netherlands with 10+ years experience. I'm mainly using Coldfusion (Lucee), javascript, sql server, and html5 + css3. On this blog I'm mostly releasing opensource cfml implementations and share other code thingies.

My company Ongevraagd Advies

"Ongevraagd Advies" means "unasked advice", and came from an idea to start an online platform for consumers who had ideas for companies and governments. For some reason that platform never became reality, but I am still kamagra precio using the registered name for all my commercial online activities.
Check my company site (in Dutch)

My blog Lucee.nl (formerly RailoDeveloper.com)

As you just read, this blog is about code, code, and more code. I just like to share the code I wrote and thought of, even though it takes quite some time to actually put it online. Not to mention the updates, bug fxes, and new versions.

Anyways, most of the code can be seen on this blog, and via the subversion viewer.