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Mangoblog plugin: extra-HTML-Content

Nobody wants to edit their website templates unless they have to, right? That's what I needed to do in my mangoBlog.

Pretty sleazy, but works like a charm: the Extra HTML Content plugin! It adds HTML (or whatever you enter into the form) into the head and/or body part of your site:

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New layout, new plugins...

As you might notice, this blog has a new design! No more light blue and white, and no more stupid ads.

Last time I changed layout, I manually edited the templates, which I didn't want to do now. But I did need to add custom javascript to the head of each page, and I have some special pages where I want to add include some of my own cfml. That's why I will be posting 2 new plugins in the near future: cfmlIncluder and Extra HTML Content. Yes, this post is more like a reminder to self :-/

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Konami Code Plugin by Visual28

I just downloaded and installed the Konami Code Plugin for mangoBlog by Mark Aplet. It simply adds easter eggs into your (my) mangoBlog; very nice :-) One tip to find the easter egg: CAPITOLS...

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Mangoblog plugin: Adsense. Ads on your blog! v1.1.1

Updated: version 1.1.1! For mangoBlog, I created a new plugin called Adsense. The name is actually a bit misleading, since you can use any ad service, as long as you only need to put some html/javascript on the page to have the banners displayed.

What it does is pretty simple: it displays advertisements on your weblog. On my own blog here, you can see them above this full post, and inbetween the excerpts on the index and archive pages.

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Mangoblog plugin: viewCount v1.5 - updated 26 Feb. 2011

Wouldn't you like to know how many people have read your blog post? Well, I do like so. In the blog system mangoBlog, which I use for this weblog, this wasn't a default option, and there wasn't a plugin yet to add this.

So, I created the Viewcount plugin. It shows the text "View count: xx" underneath this post...