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cf.Objective() 2011 badge plugin #2 for Mangoblog

Since I am absolutely thrilled to go to the US of A to visit cf.Objective(), I felt the immediate urge to put a badge on my (mango)blog. So I sloppily checked google and cfobjective.com for a plugin, but didn't find one. So I decided to create it myself. Using the SOTR2011 badges plugin by Guust Nieuwenhuis, it was very easy to create this new plugin.

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7500 blocked page views; the plugin works ;-)

Some 6 months ago, I wrote and published the Project Honeypot Spamblocker plugin for Mangoblog. Goal of this plugin was to block page views from known spammer/harvester IP addresses.

Now I was checking my Mangoblog admin settings, and stumbled upon the logs section of this plugin. Results? 7500 page views blocked! And I only had some 25.000 page views in the same period. That means I saved myself some 30% of page processing, and probably a lot of spam comments. Great to see things I build actually work ;-)

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Mangoblog plugin: rememberLogin! v1.0

logo MangoblogI made this tiny little mangoblog plugin because I just hate to fill in login forms over and over again. So, with a little help of jquery, you can now have a "remember this login" checkbox at the login screen of your mangoblog admin...

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Honeypot Spam Blocker - mangoblog plugin

Yet another plugin for mangoblog! About two weeks ago, I rediscovered Project Honeypot.They have a service called HTTP:BL, where you can check ip addresses for comment spamming and email harvesting behaviour.
With the help of that service, you can now block those ip addresses from even seeing your blog.


Mangoblog plugin: cfmlIncluder

Another plugin for mangoBlog, and another sleazy one: cfmlIncluder!

It gives you an extra text field in the edit post / edit page admin screen, to enter a path to a cfm file which will be included onto that page:

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