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Subversion repository browser in Coldfusion; Version 1.1!

I already showed this project online, but not yet published as a project. That needed a bit of extra work, as I already explained in this earlier post.
But I just sacrificed part of my weekend to check the code, and add copyright notices, and here it is: the Subversion repository browser in Coldfusion!


SVN repository browser in Coldfusion

Even though I am generally too lazy to do a commit on every change I make, I did want to have a bit more documentation on the progress of some plugins and components I wrote. Off course, version control is what I needed. But I also wanted the viewing of the files to occur within my own site's layout, and written in Coldfusion off course.

So, after a long day of coding, I ended up with my SVN browser: http://www.railodeveloper.com/svn.cfm

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Subversion log viewer in coldfusion

You know how incredibly handy svn is. Life saving even sometimes. The commit messages accompanying the commits are also very informative for change logs of your software, as attachment to your invoice, etcetera.

But how do you get these commit messages from subversion in a readable format?
For this, I created the subversion log file viewer, in coldfusion off course.

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How to: create a new svn repository from a versioned directory

I just wrote a how-to for something that I wanted to do for a long long time: split up the different projects in my one subversion repository into different repositories.
So I learned how to do it, and wrote the document along the way.

If you have a repository with multiple projects, and you want to move one of these projects into a new own repository, here are the steps.
Download "How to: create a new svn repository from a versioned directory".doc

I welcome any suggestions for improvement, but know that I wrote this document in the first place for myself ;-)

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