Log analyzer popular; new CF tags need more fans

I parsed the stats today which I keep for my Railo ExtensionProvider. This provider is the CFC which allows people to download and install the Railo extensions I made.

Since november 2010, the stats are as follows:
250 distinct server ID's
235 distinct IP addresses
    loganalyzer: 148
    loganalyzerInstaller: 97
    loganalyzerserver: 67
    tomcatvhosts: 29 (webserver 2 tomcat vhost copier)
    cfcsv: 26
    cfdns: 18
    reescape: 5

The most interesting statistic is the large audience for the Log analyzer. Also, the CF tags cfdns and cfcsv don't seem so popular. Maybe that's because it extends the CFML core, which is something that people are hesitant about?

The ratio of downloads divided by IP addresses amazed me as well, it's about 1.5 download per IP address. That's including updates as well! For some of these extensions, I created 10 updates or so. I'll take that back to the Railo crew: adding a more prominent update notifier for extensions.

I can only hope that these numbers will become thousands, as the Railo base grows!

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  1. spills

    #1 by spills - April 19, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    I find your extensions to be very helpful and my favorite one so far is the log analyzer, as it provides a "missing" feature to the admin areas in Railo. I really wish there was a central repository of all extensions that authors could link to and have a RSS feed that tracked updates to the extensions. The only way I know an extension has been updated is to look in my admin unless I just happen to catch an announcement on a blog somewhere.

    Thanks for the effort and look forward to some more cool extensions.
  2. Paul Klinkenberg

    #2 by Paul Klinkenberg - April 19, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    Hi spills, that's nice to hear, thanks! Just so you know, there will be a central repository for Railo extensions in the near future. Can't say too much about it yet, but you will find out soon...
    Have a great day, cheers, Paul
  3. Sherlyn

    #3 by Sherlyn - May 24, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    You’re on top of the game. Tahkns for sharing.
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