cf.Objective() 2011 badge plugin #2 for Mangoblog

example of the cfObjective-badges-plugin admin screenSince I am absolutely thrilled to go to the US of A to visit cf.Objective(), I felt the immediate urge to put a badge on my (mango)blog. So I sloppily checked google and for a plugin, but didn't find one. So I decided to create it myself. Using the SOTR2011 badges plugin by Guust Nieuwenhuis, it was very easy to create this new plugin.

When I wrote Guust to ask about the copyright for his plugin, he replied that Brandon Moser created exactly the same thing. And yes, he indeed did... :-/

The plugin I wrote does have some simple additions to the original code, so what I will still offer you here, is the cf.Objective() 2011 badge plugin... number 2.

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